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Trout and salmon fly fishing in Argentina and Chile

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Come and experience  ...  Fishing In Patagonia!

For the fly fishing experience of a lifetime…

Whether fishing in Patagonia is a dream you have yet to fulfil or you’ve already had a taster and are longing to come back, Fishing In Patagonia is here to create you the trip of a lifetime… Our extraordinary attention to detail means utterly exceptional fishing in Patagonia! We’re very clear cut on your behalf when it comes to putting together the finest of details, so you don’t have to think about a thing.

From the moment you touch down, all of your arrangements will be taken care of. We provide a flawless bespoke holiday service which is unmistakably friendly, genuine and professional. Each of our individual itineraries is specially designed to provide the very best fly fishing, as well as experiencing the scenery and diverse wildlife of Patagonia, according to the exact moment of our long season … we meticulously plan each day according to current conditions.

Many of our trips are tailor made: Lake District, Tierra Del Fuego, Chilean Carratera Austral, river, lake, spring creek, wading or rafting, rest assured we take you to the very best possible and often scarcely known-about locations during our unforgettable luxury experiences or more rustic adventures. Every year, we pioneer new trips to new places rarely visited.

Fishing In Patagonia is a passionate and world-class specialist – nothing but the best will do!

For companion travellers: Our fishing theme also extends to nature tours (whale watching, sea kayaking, bird watching and walking), tailor-made riding holidays, and skiing. Look no further!

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Our Featured Trips

Malleo River

1 week Saturday thru Saturday
The San Huberto Lodge – 9 Days Our top pick in Patagonia (and hence in the world!) is The San Huberto Lodge, a dry-fly and sight-fisherman’s paradise. The San Huberto is located north of San Carlos de Bariloche bordering the Lanín National Park, home of the impressive Lanín Volcano. This traditional and historic lodge has ten rooms, a maximum of twelve rods at any one time, and an absolutely extraordinary stretch of the beautiful Malleo River teaming with trout. 33 exceptional beats with exciting pools and channels to fish and an extraordinary backdrop of ancient Jurassic landscape

Custom Made Fly Fishing Adventures

Tailor Made Dates
At Fishing In Patagonia we have a strong passion for developing custom-made unique adventures for our clients, a focus we have been developing over the last decade around Patagonia. River-hop by private plane, float a valley where man has never set foot, or hike deep into the Carretera Austral, we adore making arrangements for any logistical challenge you may have in mind! We welcome groups of all abilities and all ages. We also cater for those who wish to share a destination with their family either before or after fishing

Further Afield

We don't stop because of the season! Contact us to find out about any special trips we might be planning further afield: Montana, Idaho, Alaska, Canada, Russia or Norway.

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